This section is dedicated to my absolute favourite when it comes to well-written military space opera. David Weber has transferred the spirit of the Horatio Hornblower novels into space age, and he's done it marvellously. Something I like a lot about the books is that women and men are absolutely equal, so much so that it's not even a topic of discussion but simply goes without saying.

Below, there are several pictures I drew of favourite scenes and characters (if you haven't read up to Ashes of Victory - spoiler warning!) I know some of the uniforms and rank insignia are a pitiful mess, I know how to do them now, just don't write to me just to complain about them! :o)


Andreas Venizelos Honor and Venizelos White Haven Lord Pavel Young
[Feb 01, 129 kB]

[Mar 01, 35 kB]

[Oct 00, 59 kB]

[Jul 01, 32 kB]

Samuel Andy Rafe Paul
[Sep 99, 15 kB]

[Sep 99, 13 kB]

[Sep 99, 15 kB]

[Mar 01, 13 kB]

The Dreadful Duo Thomas Theisman Shannon Foraker James MacGuiness
[Mar 01, 31 kB]

[Feb 01, 61 kB]

[Feb 01, 56 kB]

[Mar 01, 9 kB]

Nimitz Nimitz 2
[Feb 01, 52 kB]

[Mar 01, 37 kB]

[Mar 01, 16 kB]

Favourite Scenes

Tight assed little faggot in a pretty uniform Skipper, you can't ! Don't scatter! Only dropping folders
[Sep 99, 123 kB]

[Mar 01, 60 kB]

[Mar 01, 95 kB]

[Sep 99, 145 kB]

Clinkscales' mishap Alistair's Birthday Harkness' "defection" Andy's last stand
[Feb 01, 129 kB]

[Oct 99, 138 kB]

[Sep 99, 137 kB]

[Sep 99, 212 kB]

Good-bye, Citizen Chairman The Shower-Scene
[Feb 01, 112 kB]

[Mar 01, 128 kB]

If you've never read any Honor Harrington but are interested, have a look at the pictures to see a bit of what it's all about and start with On Basilisk Station. The first seven are out in German now as well, and if you're more comfortable with German, the translation is rather good!

These are the books that have come out so far:

On Basilisk Station (Auf verlorenem Posten)
The first one, and still one of the best. Great Characters, great plot, great action. A book to make you forget to catch your breath in between.

The Honor of the Queen (Die Ehre der Königin)
Also extremely good, with a new perspective added as a planet is shown where men and women are not equal (as opposed to the rest of the universe).

The Short Victorious War (Ein schneller Sieg)
Finally, the war against the Peeps starts. And it's anything but short! This one is again very fast-paced.

Field of Dishonor (Mit Schimpf und Schande)
The first book which focuses less on space battles but on characters. Still a lot of action and a lot of tragedy.

Flag in Exile (Im Exil)
Here, David Weber makes politics a steady issue of the series, and does it as expertly as he did with biology, history, physics and just about everything else.

Honor among Enemies (Ehre unter Feinden)
Not as fast-paced as some, but still very good.

In Enemy Hands (In Feindeshand)
My favourite. It starts rather slowly, but the final two hundred pages have to be read in one go. (You've got an appointment? Tough luck, you'll have to read this one!) Again, Weber is not above killing off characters that you've accompanied for seven books (one of whom I'll never forgive him for!)

Echoes of Honor (Der Stolz der Flotte)
Switching between different plotlines, but still very exciting, especially the Honor plot.

Ashes of Victory (Not yet translated)
This one was a bit slow for my taste. The final chapters left me as flabbergasted as they always do, but it took me a long time to get through the first two thirds of it. Still, the end was highly promising - KEEP WRITING, DW!!!

More than Honor (Anthology)

Worlds of Honor (Anthology)

DISCLAIMER: All these pictures use characters and situations created by David Weber. It is not, nor will ever be, my intention to infringe any copyrights. All I intend is to protray these wonderful characters as I picture them in my mind's eye and share them with other Honor Harrington fans.